Preserve your original screen and save money with our refurbishing service.

Our repair center is equipped to replace the first layer of glass on your Samsung, iPhone, iPad, or iWatch. Allowing you to keep your original screen and save money.

Our repair method is one of a kind. It allows us to replace the first layer of glass while preserving the rest of the original components. In other words, you can keep your original LCD/OLED screen while saving money on your repair.

We take pride in providing you with quality service through our state-of-the-art machines and our team of experienced and skilled technicians. We carefully remove, separate, and clean your broken glass for an impeccable result. In addition, we use the best presses and autoclaves for a perfect finish, comparable to those of the Samsung and Apple factories.

Tired of suppliers who claim to sell original parts but are not certified by Samsung or Apple? Don't worry, our screen refurbishing service is here to help you save money on your repair. We are proud to guarantee superior quality and total satisfaction to our customers.

At Revolucell, we are committed to providing our customers with superior quality parts at unbeatable prices. Repair your device and extend its lifespan with our screen refurbishing service.

Fixing a broken screen shouldn't cost you a fortune, contact us today and bring your device back to life!